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Rolex watches how much error?

Many people in the cognitive, the evaluation of a table is often good or bad accuracy, no error or absolute error must be a “good table.” Wanhu Xiaobian that the quartz replica watch because of its structural problems, the error can be ignored; but the mechanical table error, it is certain that this is hundreds of years of countless replica watchmakers continue to pursue and break the direction.

If a table of the sixteenth century, about a day about 60 minutes error, it is not surprising, because the needle was only one hour.

Rolex watches how much error?

If the seventeen, eighteenth century table about 30 minutes error, can be considered normal.

From the nineteenth century, there are some good masters made a good day of the day error can be up to ten seconds, but the generic one day five minutes even if the good.

Since 1850, a good table error within ten seconds no problem. General table day error is two or three minutes can be considered normal. Due to the distant, winding elastic wear and tear, parts wear, no replacement parts in the case, a little error is inevitable.

In the modern replica watchmaking process, the mechanical table of the error has been a breakthrough by technology. And each brand, has its error standard.

GB / T14256 GB excellent product error range is satisfactory, the conventional Swiss mechanical watch also has positive and negative error within 15 seconds allowed.

Currently on the market Observatory (COSC) error range by many Swiss brands recognized, Rolex, Breitling, Chopin, the United States, Tissot and other dozens of brands are its important certification brand. Especially as Rolex, the basic is every piece of watches are required to pass the Observatory certification.

Each brand because of its technical problems, the understanding of the error is also different. Whether it is Chopard QF certification, or Omega to Zhen astronomical station, and then to double P mark, precision has been refreshed.

A few years ago, Rolex put forward the five-year warranty after the standard, and then high-profile announcement “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” (top astronomical station precision time certification). What is the error range? -2s / d ~ + 2s / d!

The error is reduced by 1 second, the aspects involved are not just the balance of the hairspring, but also take into account the Rolex gear grinding, gem, shaft finish, oil viscosity, parts and other aspects of the comprehensive changes. Can imagine how much this is the project. It is conceivable that Rolex is paying on the Super Observatory.

And Rolex replica watches fine-tuning device makes Rolex replica watches in the stability of the special excellent, so there are often friends say the error every day only one second of the situation occurred.