Summer should be wiping brown (true wrist watch)

Like a brown or green, in the replica watch application is not uncommon, green replica watch gives a different feeling, it recklessly young, fresh and stylish, today recommended to you several green Watch.

Green water ghosts

Mention the green replica watch, a lot of people first thought should be Rolex green water ghosts, and sullen green people can not stop. But also because it is too hot and lead to a table hard to find, although the price is only 70,000 yuan, but the actual price may be higher. Green water ghost we should all be familiar with, not much here to say.

Panerai Bronze PAM 00382

Lao Pei is actually the green plate replica watch, is the famous bronze PAM 00382, replica watch not only the use of bronze, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Material, and the use of the dark green dial, very happy. And this should be the only one Panerai green watch. But whether it is green water ghost or Panerai bronze 382, are more difficult to start the table, the following is the number I recommend to everyone.

Rolex Sunday calendar 60 anniversary of the green watch

Rolex has a soft spot for green, whether it is water ghost Di Daya take such a sports replica watch, or Day-Date (Sunday calendar type) such a classic watch, Rolex has its own green watch. This last year, Rolex has just launched the 60th anniversary of the watch is my favorite (except gongs and ghosts) a, it is almost blending all the brand logo elements: Roman numerals, troughs, , Gold case, and the most charming olive green dial.This watch has two styles to choose from, one for the eternal rose gold material (ref.228235), the other is platinum material (ref.228239). Although the general I prefer the platinum material, but this fake watch I think that the rose gold with olive green Rizhao dial material seamless. Watch overseas price of 34,400 euros, the domestic price of 27,8200 yuan.

Tim rudder riding time watch 42010N

Mention Rolex naturally think of its Tudor, Tudor is not as replica Rolex’s green disc replica watch as much, but still have a, that is, this fast riding chronograph replica watch 42010N. Perhaps the rudder of the BB is too successful, and every time will always cover up the other series of light, as mentioned that Audrey seems to be only the same as the imperial rubber. In fact, Tudor’s riding series is the only three-watch brand watch, with the speed bezel, very dynamic fashion.This piece of fast-moving replica watch 42010N with green dial (another red and yellow dial to choose from), with black matte ceramic tachometer outer ring, three-dimensional metal time scale, hollow pointer, three sub-dial, both date display The Small round windows are placed between 4/5 o’clock. Watch has a dynamic black leather strap and rubber belt to choose from. The price should be 3-4 million.