Rolex highlights your supreme taste

Rolex replica is the cheapest is a lot of consumers are very concerned about the topic, even the elite, but also very much like to know clearly, because no one does not like the discount, who do not want to spend money, today on this issue to give you an introduction.

Which country is the cheapest Rolex?

The basic price of the domestic enough, the price of 10% discount, popular models lower, unless you know people.

Foreign Britain is currently the cheapest, because the pound fell ruthless. Followed by Germany due to high tax rebate 19.5%, Switzerland, France, Italy, the United States are similar. Japan is Rolex’s largest global sales, as Japan’s parallel sales are legitimate, so the price of Rolex parallel is very low, usually the domestic counter price of 5.5-6 fold. For example, the Rolex DJ series of 116200, the domestic counter price 52,800 yuan, Japan parallel price of 382980 yen, equivalent to RMB 31100 yuan.

The closest place from mainland China is Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s public price (pricing) is significantly lower than the domestic, and licensed the lowest unified 9.2 fold, 8.5 fold parallel imports. Take the domestic model to 50000 watches as an example:

Domestic 50000 * 0.9 = 45000RMB

Hong Kong 46000 * 0.92 = 42320HK

42320 * 0.88 (exchange rate) = 37241.6

In summary, the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong Rolex prices are cheaper, but if the travel costs and convenience from the point of view, or Hong Kong replica Rolex is cheaper.

How to distinguish between Rolex’s true and false?

From the outside look replica Rolex case fine, strap, crown, English words clear, complete, and imitation table shell rough, text slightly blurred. Especially the table at the end, cover teeth, very fine and clear, clean and have three-dimensional sense, while the imitation of rough and no three-dimensional, generally relatively shallow. Weight, really feel some of the real, fake light much (Note: but some imitation inside also add a copper ring). On the 18K gold to Rolex’s case, strap, the real thing generally from the new to the old gold quality, color unchanged, imitation products have 14K gold or lower K gold or 18K gold plated, but over time, It will change back to the original color. Star of the Rolex, set in the table of diamonds are true, and imitation of diamonds is false.

The market also has a real case, strap, inside the movement of the Rolex replica watch, so the best use of special tools to open the table. Really Rolex movement, a pry to the automatic rudder, movement splint engraved with ROLEX words, but also engraved with the core number: 1570,2135,3135,3035 … … and so on, there is no fake. Really movement machine fine, clear lines, fake movement is relatively rough and dark. In addition, the removal of the strap, the side of the case side of the table with the middle of the table number, the lower side of the middle of the table number, imitation of the basic no (some imitation also, but not neat and clear); Rolex replica watches are There are quality assurance, the upper right corner there are two or more Arabic word number pinhole tattoo, neat and clear, and fake only one line pinhole tattoo, very united, not neat, but can not be used to identify, because the market also has fake The guarantee.

Why buy Rolex?

Rolex Although the price is high, but really worth the value or even value for money. Rolex replica watches the original sign for a finger out of the fingers, it means that the brand’s watch is entirely hand-crafted. And later gradually evolved into the crown of the registered trademark to show its dominance in the field of watches, showing Rolex in the watch industry’s emperor’s gas. Extreme name Rolex, excellent quality, craftsmanship, blend of distinguished, elegant and unique temperament in one, Rolex theme advertising design ranked the world watch industry leader, known as “precision” synonymous. Rolex, such as the annual output of up to 800,000, much of the world’s respected, more collectors of the favor. Some people love their accuracy, some people appreciate its elegance, some people love their rugged … … once owned, stare pride.

Rolex replica is not only a good watch brand, but also you show yourself a good means of expression, but not only reflect your status, better reflect your elegant and elegant taste of elegance. Rolex replica is there, you deserve it.