Rolex 116610-LV-97200 appreciation

This Rolex green ghost with the Swiss Observatory certified 3135 automatic mechanical movement, launched in 1988, known as the king of Rolex movement. 3135 is one of the few self-produced movement of Rolex, and has been in use since the period did not make a big change, to maintain the original flavor. Stable performance, anti-magnetic anti-collision ability, is the Rolex application more of a movement.

This Rolex green water ghost market price to be 70,000 yuan, but in the million net price of only 61600 yuan, 8.8 discount in the replica watch to buy this section Rolex green water ghost can be said to be very Affordable. Million watches Rolex replica watches are genuine original, and enjoy the global UNPROFOR, buy genuine wear is assured, welcome to compare the purchase.

Roosegson ghost oyster-style case to strengthen the three anti-characteristics, whether it is dust, water, or shock can withstand, and no one can open the case, in order to open this oyster shell must 5 Newton / M torque can be. This kind of shell can be effective in protecting the movement, to ensure the accuracy, enough to make people trust.

Crown is used to lock the chain crown, protect the movement from water and dust damage. After tightening the Oyster case can be completely sealed, like a submarine sealed door the same. One-way rotation of the outer ring, allows divers to record diving time, only one-way rotation is to avoid the wrong time with the oxygen margin.

300M waterproof effect with Oyster shell protection makes it the first choice for outdoor sports. Instant jumping calendar plus Rolex personality blister calendar window can clearly see the date. Function with other diving replica watch the same, but the pressure is no one can compare, whether it is the shell of the waterproof support, or a solid material so that the water devil is different from other diving tables.