Rolex highlights your supreme taste

Rolex replica is the cheapest is a lot of consumers are very concerned about the topic, even the elite, but also very much like to know clearly, because no one does not like the discount, who do not want to spend money, today on this issue to give you an introduction.

Which country is the cheapest Rolex?

The basic price of the domestic enough, the price of 10% discount, popular models lower, unless you know people.

Foreign Britain is currently the cheapest, because the pound fell ruthless. Followed by Germany due to high tax rebate 19.5%, Switzerland, France, Italy, the United States are similar. Japan is Rolex’s largest global sales, as Japan’s parallel sales are legitimate, so the price of Rolex parallel is very low, usually the domestic counter price of 5.5-6 fold. For example, the Rolex DJ series of 116200, the domestic counter price 52,800 yuan, Japan parallel price of 382980 yen, equivalent to RMB 31100 yuan.

The closest place from mainland China is Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s public price (pricing) is significantly lower than the domestic, and licensed the lowest unified 9.2 fold, 8.5 fold parallel imports. Take the domestic model to 50000 watches as an example:

Domestic 50000 * 0.9 = 45000RMB

Hong Kong 46000 * 0.92 = 42320HK

42320 * 0.88 (exchange rate) = 37241.6

In summary, the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong Rolex prices are cheaper, but if the travel costs and convenience from the point of view, or Hong Kong replica Rolex is cheaper.

How to distinguish between Rolex’s true and false?

From the outside look replica Rolex case fine, strap, crown, English words clear, complete, and imitation table shell rough, text slightly blurred. Especially the table at the end, cover teeth, very fine and clear, clean and have three-dimensional sense, while the imitation of rough and no three-dimensional, generally relatively shallow. Weight, really feel some of the real, fake light much (Note: but some imitation inside also add a copper ring). On the 18K gold to Rolex’s case, strap, the real thing generally from the new to the old gold quality, color unchanged, imitation products have 14K gold or lower K gold or 18K gold plated, but over time, It will change back to the original color. Star of the Rolex, set in the table of diamonds are true, and imitation of diamonds is false.

The market also has a real case, strap, inside the movement of the Rolex replica watch, so the best use of special tools to open the table. Really Rolex movement, a pry to the automatic rudder, movement splint engraved with ROLEX words, but also engraved with the core number: 1570,2135,3135,3035 … … and so on, there is no fake. Really movement machine fine, clear lines, fake movement is relatively rough and dark. In addition, the removal of the strap, the side of the case side of the table with the middle of the table number, the lower side of the middle of the table number, imitation of the basic no (some imitation also, but not neat and clear); Rolex replica watches are There are quality assurance, the upper right corner there are two or more Arabic word number pinhole tattoo, neat and clear, and fake only one line pinhole tattoo, very united, not neat, but can not be used to identify, because the market also has fake The guarantee.

Why buy Rolex?

Rolex Although the price is high, but really worth the value or even value for money. Rolex replica watches the original sign for a finger out of the fingers, it means that the brand’s watch is entirely hand-crafted. And later gradually evolved into the crown of the registered trademark to show its dominance in the field of watches, showing Rolex in the watch industry’s emperor’s gas. Extreme name Rolex, excellent quality, craftsmanship, blend of distinguished, elegant and unique temperament in one, Rolex theme advertising design ranked the world watch industry leader, known as “precision” synonymous. Rolex, such as the annual output of up to 800,000, much of the world’s respected, more collectors of the favor. Some people love their accuracy, some people appreciate its elegance, some people love their rugged … … once owned, stare pride.

Rolex replica is not only a good watch brand, but also you show yourself a good means of expression, but not only reflect your status, better reflect your elegant and elegant taste of elegance. Rolex replica is there, you deserve it.

Rolex watches how much error?

Many people in the cognitive, the evaluation of a table is often good or bad accuracy, no error or absolute error must be a “good table.” Wanhu Xiaobian that the quartz replica watch because of its structural problems, the error can be ignored; but the mechanical table error, it is certain that this is hundreds of years of countless replica watchmakers continue to pursue and break the direction.

If a table of the sixteenth century, about a day about 60 minutes error, it is not surprising, because the needle was only one hour.

Rolex watches how much error?

If the seventeen, eighteenth century table about 30 minutes error, can be considered normal.

From the nineteenth century, there are some good masters made a good day of the day error can be up to ten seconds, but the generic one day five minutes even if the good.

Since 1850, a good table error within ten seconds no problem. General table day error is two or three minutes can be considered normal. Due to the distant, winding elastic wear and tear, parts wear, no replacement parts in the case, a little error is inevitable.

In the modern replica watchmaking process, the mechanical table of the error has been a breakthrough by technology. And each brand, has its error standard.

GB / T14256 GB excellent product error range is satisfactory, the conventional Swiss mechanical watch also has positive and negative error within 15 seconds allowed.

Currently on the market Observatory (COSC) error range by many Swiss brands recognized, Rolex, Breitling, Chopin, the United States, Tissot and other dozens of brands are its important certification brand. Especially as Rolex, the basic is every piece of watches are required to pass the Observatory certification.

Each brand because of its technical problems, the understanding of the error is also different. Whether it is Chopard QF certification, or Omega to Zhen astronomical station, and then to double P mark, precision has been refreshed.

A few years ago, Rolex put forward the five-year warranty after the standard, and then high-profile announcement “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” (top astronomical station precision time certification). What is the error range? -2s / d ~ + 2s / d!

The error is reduced by 1 second, the aspects involved are not just the balance of the hairspring, but also take into account the Rolex gear grinding, gem, shaft finish, oil viscosity, parts and other aspects of the comprehensive changes. Can imagine how much this is the project. It is conceivable that Rolex is paying on the Super Observatory.

And Rolex replica watches fine-tuning device makes Rolex replica watches in the stability of the special excellent, so there are often friends say the error every day only one second of the situation occurred.

Rolex 116610-LV-97200 appreciation

This Rolex green ghost with the Swiss Observatory certified 3135 automatic mechanical movement, launched in 1988, known as the king of Rolex movement. 3135 is one of the few self-produced movement of Rolex, and has been in use since the period did not make a big change, to maintain the original flavor. Stable performance, anti-magnetic anti-collision ability, is the Rolex application more of a movement.

This Rolex green water ghost market price to be 70,000 yuan, but in the million net price of only 61600 yuan, 8.8 discount in the replica watch to buy this section Rolex green water ghost can be said to be very Affordable. Million watches Rolex replica watches are genuine original, and enjoy the global UNPROFOR, buy genuine wear is assured, welcome to compare the purchase.

Roosegson ghost oyster-style case to strengthen the three anti-characteristics, whether it is dust, water, or shock can withstand, and no one can open the case, in order to open this oyster shell must 5 Newton / M torque can be. This kind of shell can be effective in protecting the movement, to ensure the accuracy, enough to make people trust.

Crown is used to lock the chain crown, protect the movement from water and dust damage. After tightening the Oyster case can be completely sealed, like a submarine sealed door the same. One-way rotation of the outer ring, allows divers to record diving time, only one-way rotation is to avoid the wrong time with the oxygen margin.

300M waterproof effect with Oyster shell protection makes it the first choice for outdoor sports. Instant jumping calendar plus Rolex personality blister calendar window can clearly see the date. Function with other diving replica watch the same, but the pressure is no one can compare, whether it is the shell of the waterproof support, or a solid material so that the water devil is different from other diving tables.

Why can not you clean yourself up?

Many of the broth of the sister is self-feeling is very good, that he is a piece of diamonds, always be high Fu Shuai phase, and then to the happy marriage hall, and the fact that Gao Fu Shuai will always be those beautiful, elegant and full of wisdom Of the women attracted, it is like many men, feel that their T-shirt jeans do not scratch the night play the game is nothing bad, white rich will love you like this, but the fact is – excellent women, eyes will always follow The grace of elegant, elegant man to talk extraordinary.

As mentioned in the above article, why can not you clean up yourself? So men, do not slovenly! Exquisite man and exquisite woman as eye-catching.

Although the internal is very important, but also determines your external eyes in the eyes of the visual impression, whether you are going to interview, or to the appointment, suit, tie the men who wear replica watches, better than wearing casual Have a good impression, while the other also think they have been respected. And more important point is that a person who looks exquisite on their appearance, must love life, love work.

Men’s clothing does not need more gorgeous, just need simple, the atmosphere, with a decent, matched with a gentle smile, then no harm to it!

Mentioned men with accessories, perhaps not rich, and replica watch is one of the most important one, it was compared to the only man’s jewelry, it is not unreasonable. For high prices, not every man at the same time sitting on a few replica watches to wear, so choose a character for their own taste and style, but also any wild watch is how important.

Elegant, stable, mature style can dominate the workplace, but also to control the daily, simple clothing with a replica watch, and instantly enhance the personal taste of eight grades.

There must be mentioned here, perhaps not most of the men can afford the price of the top replica watch, and these watches have been advertised even if you can not easily buy money, but a higher grade and more wild wrist Table, many people still can bear.

Entry-level Tissot Amway here no longer repeat, the general working class can buy, many people will be the first entry into the workplace Tissot watch, making Tissot in China to become the highest sales of Swiss watches.

Rolex, Omega, nations in China’s popularity is very high, but also very suitable for wear, of course, their prices will never be low, and tens of thousands of prices, you can start a let you put it down the replica watch.

If it is not a big friend, there is no need to move all the way to have to buy all kinds of replica watches, a suitable for their own grade on the replica watch enough to support your temperament and style.

Summer should be wiping brown (true wrist watch)

Like a brown or green, in the replica watch application is not uncommon, green replica watch gives a different feeling, it recklessly young, fresh and stylish, today recommended to you several green Watch.

Green water ghosts

Mention the green replica watch, a lot of people first thought should be Rolex green water ghosts, and sullen green people can not stop. But also because it is too hot and lead to a table hard to find, although the price is only 70,000 yuan, but the actual price may be higher. Green water ghost we should all be familiar with, not much here to say.

Panerai Bronze PAM 00382

Lao Pei is actually the green plate replica watch, is the famous bronze PAM 00382, replica watch not only the use of bronze, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Material, and the use of the dark green dial, very happy. And this should be the only one Panerai green watch. But whether it is green water ghost or Panerai bronze 382, are more difficult to start the table, the following is the number I recommend to everyone.

Rolex Sunday calendar 60 anniversary of the green watch

Rolex has a soft spot for green, whether it is water ghost Di Daya take such a sports replica watch, or Day-Date (Sunday calendar type) such a classic watch, Rolex has its own green watch. This last year, Rolex has just launched the 60th anniversary of the watch is my favorite (except gongs and ghosts) a, it is almost blending all the brand logo elements: Roman numerals, troughs, , Gold case, and the most charming olive green dial.This watch has two styles to choose from, one for the eternal rose gold material (ref.228235), the other is platinum material (ref.228239). Although the general I prefer the platinum material, but this fake watch I think that the rose gold with olive green Rizhao dial material seamless. Watch overseas price of 34,400 euros, the domestic price of 27,8200 yuan.

Tim rudder riding time watch 42010N

Mention Rolex naturally think of its Tudor, Tudor is not as replica Rolex’s green disc replica watch as much, but still have a, that is, this fast riding chronograph replica watch 42010N. Perhaps the rudder of the BB is too successful, and every time will always cover up the other series of light, as mentioned that Audrey seems to be only the same as the imperial rubber. In fact, Tudor’s riding series is the only three-watch brand watch, with the speed bezel, very dynamic fashion.This piece of fast-moving replica watch 42010N with green dial (another red and yellow dial to choose from), with black matte ceramic tachometer outer ring, three-dimensional metal time scale, hollow pointer, three sub-dial, both date display The Small round windows are placed between 4/5 o’clock. Watch has a dynamic black leather strap and rubber belt to choose from. The price should be 3-4 million.